Dosha Quiz Results

Instructions to determine the meaning of your dosha quiz results.

If you answer True to three or more in Section 1, your predominant constitution is Vata.

If you answer True to three or more in Section 2, your predominant constitution is Pitta. If you answer True to three or more in Section 3, your predominant constitution is Kapha. You can also have two predominant constitutions, such as, Vata/PittaVata/Kapha, or you could be Pitta/Kapha. If you answer True to three or more in Section 1, 2 and 3, you are Tri-doshic. If you are predominately Vata, you tend to be tall and slim. Vata types are very active and enjoy traveling and meeting new people. They are creative and have vibrant imaginations. When Vata types are balanced they are enthusiastic, amenable and innovative. When Vata types are imbalanced they are anxious, edgy, fidgety, overwrought and fearful. They become mercurial and unable to focus. Vata people enjoy warm humid weather because they often feel cold, especially cold hands and feet. Vata people are dry, for example, their skin is usually dry, they experience constipation, and their joints dry, crack and become arthritic. Vata people are influenced by the air element. When it comes to their mood, they can change like the wind. When Vata people are imbalanced, it is hard for them to relax their mind, therefore, sleep becomes intermittent and difficult. Low immunity is another common malady for Vata people. If you are predominately Pitta, you tend to have a medium stature and strong musculature. Your skin is oily and reddens easily from exposure to the sun and when blushing. Pitta people are dominated by the fire element. Pitta people tend to be strong, fierce, passionate, emotional. Pitta people are inclined to become leaders in the workplace, and work intensely and competitively. Pitta people are quick to learn and expect the same from others. If you are predominately pitta you tend to be impatient and judgmental. Afflictions of the skin are common with Pitta people. It is common for them to suffer with outbreaks like rashes and acne. Pitta people generally have loose stools. Because of a strong digestive system and strong appetite, they become short-tempered and irritable if they miss a meal. When Pitta people are in balance, their fiery disposition is very productive. Conversely, out of balance Pitta people tend to be destructive. If you are predominately Kapha, you tend to have a powerful skeletal frame, strong musculature and are athletic. Kapha people maintain strength and agility as long as they keep exercising regularly, otherwise they easily gain too much weight. Kapha people are influenced by earth and water elements which explains their innate steadfastness and strength. They are methodical and regular in their personal and professional routines. When Kapha people are imbalanced they tend to be obstinate, lazy, unimaginative, parasitic, submissive, and obsequious. Their metabolism tends to be slow and their appetite is less than Vata and Pitta people. When Kapha people are balanced they are compassionate and very loyal. They are the best of the three doshas when it comes to finances because they tend to spend less and save more money than Vata and Pitta. It’s rare to find a person who is tri-doshic, but very common to be a combination of two doshas. Posts to follow will offer suggestions to balance our doshas, because out of balance doshas lead to disease.

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